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Introduction :
Pakistan is a developing country and it is need of the hour to improve standard of education in all the disciplines especially in Applied Science, and Technology in order to face the challenges of the 21st century. Right from its inception the department of “Home Economics” focused on research based value added sustainable academic programmes. In 1984 the department was renamed as Department of "Womens Education". This change was brought because of the shift in National Education policies to up-grade and promote womens education. At that time the department's main emphasis remained on the development of highly skilled courses related to Home Economics, Family health and launching of SSC(Materic) women's education national project. On completion of the project it was converted into a regular programme of AIOU. Focus on improving the educational level of women continued with additional targets and challenges of research based value added academic programme for Health professional . The Department developed health oriented food & Nutrition and envoromental design programs inorder to sansitise professional in the respective fields on issues related to Nutrition,Food safty & Enviromental issues related to Built Environment. Hence, The Department has been renamed as "Home & Health Sciences". 
Objectives :
1.To upgrade and update the skills & knowledge of professionals in various fields of applied sciences.
2.To prepare learners for the career related disciplines considering the professional interests of individuals in the areas of Environment, Health, Home Economics, Nutrition, Dietetics etc.
3.To prepare the individuals/professionals for the development & up gradation of community & environment.
4.To enable the individual to integrate and apply knowledge and skills of Basic Sciences, Home Economics & Applied Sciences for future studies.  
Future Plans :
Up gradation of department to faculty level 
Academic Facilities :
- Resource room for research students - Internet facility -Data base abstracts of researches. -Acccess to Pakistan educational net work(Pern). -Web learning facility( National Food Tables, Nutrition surveys) - Limited study material available on CD's. to support the prescribed text.  
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Block No: 6, Department of Home and Health Sciences, AIOU, Islamabad. 
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Staff Members :
Staff Members Detail
M.Sc. Comunity Health and Nutrition
M.Sc. Environmental Design
M.Phil Food and Nutrition
Ph.D. Food and Nutrition
B.Sc. (Vision Sceinces)
B.Sc.(Hons) in Vision Sciences
Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for Dieticians
Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition
Higher Secondary School Certificate (F.Sc. Family and Community Health)
Higher Secondary School Certificate (F.Sc. Home Economics)
Secondary School Certificate ( Home Economics Group)
Ph.D. Food and Nutrition (Direct)
M.S. Community Health & Nutrition
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