Programmes List
 M.Sc. Physics
 M.A Islamic Studies
 M.A Urdu
 M.A Special Education
 M.Sc. Forestry Extension
 M.A Arabic
 Master in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)
 M.Sc. Sociology
 M.Sc. Mathematics
 M.Sc. Agricultural Extension
 M.Sc. Gender & Women Studies
 Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies
 M.Ed in Special Education
 M.Ed. (Science Education)
 M.Ed. Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)
 M.Sc. Pakistan Studies
 M.A Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
 Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
 Master of Business Administration in Information Technology (MBA(IT))
 Master in Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
 M.Sc. Economics
 M.A History
 M.Sc. Comunity Health and Nutrition
 M.Sc. Mass Communication
 M.A Education (DNFE)
 M.Sc. Chemistry
 MPA Executive
 M.Sc. Environmental Design
 MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)
 M.Sc. Statistics
 MBA (Banking and Finance)
 M.Ed. Teacher Education
 Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for Dieticians
 Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition
 M.A Teacher Education
 MBA (Marketing & HRM)
 Certificate Course in Gender & Women Studies
 Master in Commerce (M.Com)
 M.Sc.(Hons) LiveStock
 M.Sc. (Hons) Rural Development
 MSc Television Production Program
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