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Title of the thesis

Study of Nutritional Anemia in male school children.

Name of Author

Dr M Akhtar Parvez


H # P-116 St # 2, Douglaspura, Faisalabad.

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Student’s Batch # 1st
Research Supervisor

Dr Syed Jawad Hussain


PMRC, Research center, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad.


This project was aimed to study some aspects of nutritional anemia in male school children.

A total of 150 children, aged at 5-12 years were classified into normal and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree of malnutrition group as per Jellifies classification. Hematological investigation included hemoglobin, serum ferritin, and Vit. B12 and red cell folate levels.

The data revealed that only 50% of the children were of normal nutritional status and the rest were suffering from malnutrition. Further 6% percent of cases, the malnutrition was of severe type    (4th degree) and 10.5% of the cases were suffering from 3rd degree of malnutrition. The numbers of cases in 2nd and 1st degree of malnutrition were 14% and 19.5%. The mean values of HB (gm%), weight (kg), height (cm) and mid upper arm circumferences (cm) were 11.68, 23.59, 105.95 and 17.20 respectively.

The prevalence of anemia and malnutrition was found to be 40% and 50% respectively. The blood levels of serum ferritin, Vit. B12 and red cell folate were assessed for the sixty anemic children. All the children were having low level of serum ferritin whereas thirty and twenty children were having low levels of vitamin B12 and red cell folate respectively.

It was concluded that iron deficiency is the most common cause of nutritional anemia. Different variables such as family income, family size etc. were analyzed. All of them showed a positive link with nutritional anemia. P values were significant for all variables. Recommendations were made with a request for implementation at family, school and national level.


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