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Title of the thesis

Study of dietary habits of diabetic patients above 40 Years of age.

Name of Author

Dr. Muhammad Farooq


H # 62/63 street # 5, Block 5 Khanewal
Ph: 53470

Reg #


Roll # H-5859762
Student’s Batch # 1st
Research Supervisor

Dr. Capt Rashid Mahmood


Community Medicine Department, Nishtar Medical College Multan.


Diabetes mellitus is an emergent in the wide public health promotion. This disease at various levels of development affects all human societies. It is a chronic disorder, which is responsible for great morbidity and mortality in the world.

Objectives of this study are to evaluate the dietary habits of diabetics above 40 years of age, to provide recommendations regarding compliance of dietary pattern, to assess the possible hazards of deviations from dietary advice among diabetics, and to give suggestions for creating awareness about the role of regular exercise and good dietary habits along with proper medication.

This is cross sectional survey type study based on data collected by questionnaire from known diabetics in health facilities of Khanewal district. Systematic random sampling techniques were adopted to get a sample size of 100 patients out of 300 registered enlisted patients.

Random blood sugar test was tested at the spot, body weight and height of every patient was recorded. Dietary habits were evaluated based on caloric values used usually in a day. Caloric values of different food items were calculated according to Pakistan foods.

Data was collected, tabulated and analyzed by applying statistical test i.e. Chi-square test, Null hypothesis.

It is concluded from the study that about 63% of diabetic patients had inappropriate dietary habits (not according to the standard cut off values of Carbohydrates 55%, Protein 15% and Fats 30%) usually in daily routine life. Dietary habits were influenced by socioeconomic, educational and residential status.

The author strongly recommends the need of awareness among diabetics about their disease and its dietary management, regular exercise, proper and timely screening of tests and psychological counseling. Mass campaign about control of diabetes mellitus and proper dietary habits should be started at different level preferably radio, TV and newspapers.



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