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Pakistani Food Composition Tables

Title of the thesis

Management of Food Preservation in District Gilgit and Diamer (Northern Areas of Pakistan)

Name of Author

Dr. Jan Alam


DHQ Hospital Chillas, Dist. Diamer Chilas

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Research Supervisor

Dr. Alam Khan


Department of Human Nutrition, NWFP Agriculture University, Peshawar.



The pivotal aim of the study was to know what techniques and food materials, the inhabitants of Northern Area in general while District Gilgit and Diamer particularly were using to preserve their foods and to find out the production and consumption of various fruits and vegetables. It was also aimed to know how much contribution of this activity is being considered in their socioeconomic condition.

The study was based on visits, personal observations and interviews of local inhabitants. Pretested questionnaire was distributed among randomly selected six persons from five villages regarding production, consumption, wastage and sale of food items. During the visit, it was observed that some selected fruits and vegetables like apricot, mulberry, grapes, fig, potato, tomato and all leafy vegetables; meat and butter etc. were being preserved. Since the farming community was not so aware about the modern methods, so they were still using traditional means to preserve them. Sun drying and little bit electric drying methods were used for fruits and vegetables while cabin, cave and pits methods were used for vegetables, butter and meat preservation. Freezing process for preservation was almost peculiar to them.

Northern areas has great potential for most temperate fruits, vegetables and animals but due to lack of knowledge, non-availability of market, absence of modern preserving techniques, poor communication network, poor post harvest management practices and lack of marketing, a considerable amount of these precious commodities is wasted and little benefit goes to the farmers. Therefore it is highly suggested that government should focus on these issues in order to change the socioeconomic status of the farmers and increase the over all production of these commodities. Similarly the government should focus their attention to preserve these precious food material.


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