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 Published date : 10/24/2017 4:22:55 PM
 Heading: Final Lessons for M.A/M.Ed in Special Education for Semester Spring 2017 (Code: 3600)
Dear Student,
You might have successfully completed teaching practice according to your specialization in concerned Special education Institution and now be anxiously waiting for demonstration of final lessons to prove your worth as a special educator.
You were advised to submit 10 observation, file, register of 40 lessons and one IEP duly signed by the Supervisor/Head of the school to evaluator of final lessons. Therefore please submit these documents on the day final lessons, late submission will not be accepted in any case. Please donít submit these registers/files to workshop coordinators, school heads and regional offices. Computer composed lesson plans, observations and IEP will not be accepted. Also different hand writings in each document and late submission will not be accepted.
As you know each student has to demonstrate lessons as final examination after the teaching practice. The schedule for final lessons is as follows:
Please do come with full preparation as per schedule and remember to being with you:
i) Two Final Lessons (on topic of your own choice) each in separate file/folder. However subject topic and class must be different.
ii) Appropriate A.V Aids to support the demonstration of final lessons.
iii) Braille frame, paper and stylus (for students of Visual Impairment).
The final lessons will be evaluated by the team of experts in Special Education. There would be viva voce and test of Braille, Sign Language, and Classroom placement as per types of disabilities area followed by the demonstration.
For schedule details click here
Best wishes and see you soon.

Dr. Zahid Majeed
Coordinator CC: 3600
Office: 0092 51 9057294
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