Programme Details of M.Phil in Pakistani Languages and Literature

Programme NameM.Phil in Pakistani Languages and Literature

Introduction: M.Phil in Pakistani Languages and Literature with specialization in Pashto or Balochi or Brahui or Sindhi or Saraiki or Punjabi. All the languages spoken in Pakistan besides having concrete individual base and status, contain within them, several common characteristics. To promote National integrity and solidarity, a need was felt for such a programme, which could elaborate the aspects like comparative study of Pakistani Languages, linguistic interaction, distinctive and common literary trends. Realizing the need of the hour, department of Pakistani Languages, Allama Iqbal Open University launched a programme at M. Phil level. Through this programme, the students would be given education in his/her own mother tongue (in-which he/she held MA degree) along with other Pakistani Languages and their Literature, thus the students would be taught about the specific qualities, linguistic links, philological impacts, mutual co-operation and numerous common literary trends found in Pakistani languages. The objectives of the said programme are given as under:(1) To highlight the structure, style and variation of various dialects, distinctiveness, origin and development, linguistic group and region, common aspects of literature and trends of Balochi, Brahui, Pushto, Sindhi, Punjabi, saraiki, Hindko, Kashmiri, Gojri, Pahari, Balti, Shina, Burushaski, Torwali, Gawri, Khowar and Wakhi.(2) To meet the deficiency of multi-linguistic experts.(3) To enable the students to represent a constructive and positive Pakistani approach through language and literature within and outside Pakistan.(4) To inculcate a positive trend through understanding specific and common aspects of all the Pakistani languages.

Admission Requirement:  To apply for admission in M. Phil “Pakistani Languages Programme” a candidate is required to have an M.A degree in any Pakistani Regional Language (at least 2nd division) i.e Pashto, Balochi, Brahui, Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi.GAT genral from nts is compulsary with 50percent marks

Selection Process:  Test and Interview

Duration: Four Semesters

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instructions of the said programme is Urdu, while the students can write thesis in their own native language or in Urdu/English.

Teaching Methodology: Distance learning system of AIOU/some face to face component.

AIOU Credits Required: The M. Phil programme consists of 24 credits including 18credits course work and six credits research work.

Course Required: The course work of M. Phil Pakistani Languages & Literature Programme consists of eight courses, all courses are half credits . To cover the whole course eight study guides have been published by the Deptt.Semester:
1. A Comparative Study of Pakistani Languages and Literature: Urdu Language & Literature. -2721
2. Balochi, Brahui: Languages & Literature. -2722
3. Pashto, Hindko, Torwali, Gawri: Language & Literature. -2723
4. Punjabi (including Pothwari, Dhani, Chachi & other dialects), Pahari, Gojri: Language & Literature. -2724
5. Sindhi, Saraiki, Kashmiri, Languages & Literature. -2725
6. Languages and Literature of Northern Areas (Balti, Shina, Khowar, Burushaski, Whaki). -2726
7. Research Methodology1 (Language & Literature) -5765
8. Research Methodology2 (Language & Literature)-5766

Semester: 2
1. Research Methodology1 (Language & Literature) -5765
2. Research Methodology2 (Language & Literature)-5766


Collaborations: o Pashto Academy, Peshawar University, Peshawar.o Department of Pashto, Peshawar University, Peshawaro Department of Sindhi, Karachi University, Karachi.o Department of Sindhi, Sindh University, Jamshoro.o Sachal Chair, Shah Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh.o Department of Balochi, Balochistan University, Quetta.o Department of Brahui, Balochistan University, Quetta.o Department of Punjabi, Punjab University, Lahore.o Department of Saraiki, Islamia University, Bahawalpur.

Workshop: yes

Thesis: yes

Practical: N/A