Programme Details of M.Sc. Pakistan Studies

Programme NameM.Sc. Pakistan Studies

Introduction: M.S. Pakistan Studies was first offered in 1985. Since then, it has produced a large number of graduates who are serving the nation in various capacities and bringing pride to the Department of Pakistan Studies. The main objective of the programme is to produce investigative and analytical minds who can understand multi-faced problems facing by Pakistan in Socio-political and economic fields. In order to achieve that goal we have adopted multidisciplinary approach and imparted education in the fields of geography, history, political and economic institutions, society and culture of Pakistan in an integrated way.

Admission Requirement:  Minimum required qualification for admission in M. Sc. Pakistan Studies is Second Class Bachelorís Degree.

Selection Process:  Open for all graduates.

Duration: Two Years (Four Semesters)

Medium of Instruction: English

Teaching Methodology: The students have to attempt two assignments for each three credit course and submit to his/her tutor in the stipulated time. It is mandatory for the students to attend workshop at the end of each semester.

AIOU Credits Required: 60 credits

Course Required: First Semester:
Course Code P.S. 4655 & 4656,Geography of Pakistan I & II (three credit each)
Course Code P.S.4657 & 4658, Pakistani Languages and Literature I & II (Three Credit each)
Course Code P.S. 538, Genesis of Pakistan Movement (Three Credit)
Second Semester:
Course Code P.S. 4659 & 4660, Economic Development in Pakistan-I & II (Three Credit each)
Course Code P.S. 4661 & 4662, Foreign Policy of Pakistan I & II (Three Credit)
Course Code P.S. 537, Ideological Foundations of Pakistan (Three Credit)
Third Semester:
Course Code P.S. 4663 & 4664, Pakistani Society and Culture I & II (Three Credit each)
Course Code P.S. 4665 & 4666, Research Methods I & II (Three Credit each)
Course Code P. S. 541, Social Change (Three Credit)
Fourth Semester:
Course Code P. S. 4667 & 4668, Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan I & II (Three Credit each)
Course Code P.S. 4669 & 4670, Social Theory I & II (Three Credit each)
Course Code P. S. 545, Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pakistan (Three Credit)


Collaborations: N/A

Workshop: At the end of semester, students have to attend 3 days workshop for each course.

Thesis: N/A

Practical: N/A