Programme Details of Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Programme NamePost Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Introduction: The Post Graduate Dilpoma in Teaching of English as Foreign Language (Dip TEFL) is a 30 credit hour programme. It was launched in the late 1980s. The aim of this programme is to create awareness about approaches, techniques and methods involving learning and teaching of English as a foreign language in the classroom. This programme, which offers courses that cover theoritical as well as practical aspects of English language teaching such as psycholinguistics, language teaching methdology, sociolinguistics,and teaching grammar, phonology, language skills, classroom management, etc can be very useful not only for those teachers who are already teaching English but also for those who want to teach English as a foreign or second language in future.

Admission Requirement:  Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in second division, having studied English carrying 150 or 200 marks from recognized institutions are eligible for admission. Candidates who have done graduation without studying the subject of English or studying Enlish carrying less than 150 marks may first complete Allama Iqbal Open University's compulsory English courses offered at BA/BS level to become eligible for admission. Also such candidates can be considered for admission if they have already studied gradudate level English language courses carrying 150 or 200 marks from a recognised institution. Candidates with MA English and third division in their bachelor's degree or have done their graduation without studying English or studying Enlish as a subject carrying less than 150 marks but have MA English may also apply for admission.

Selection Process:  Admission forms are received in the department. The Admission Committee working under a seniour faculty member examines all the forms and prepares a list of the eligible candidates to send it to the NTS (National Testing Service) to conduct the entry test. Only those candidates who pass the test are considered for admission according to the merit determined by department keeping the provincial quota in view. The list of the selected candidates is then sent to the Directorate of Admissions. The selected candidates are informed about their admission and procedure of payment of fee by the Directorate of Admissions.

Duration: One year

Medium of Instruction: English

Teaching Methodology: The students are sent course material along with the relevant information in the study package. They have to attend compulsory classes, write assinments and work on the projects assigned to them by the department for each course they study. They have to submit project reports to their tutors and give presentations on their reports in the presentation workshops. Both the project report and the presentation are evaluated. The students have to obtain pass marks in each to pass the course.The students failing to attend the required number of classes are declared fail even if all the other requirements of the course have been fulfilled At the end of the semester, they have to appear in the final exam for each course. The marks obtained in the assignments, project reports, presentaion of reports and the final psaper/exam are taken into account for declaring the result.

AIOU Credits Required: Thirty credit hour study programme

Course Required: 
   Course                                code        Credit hours
Psycholinguistics and Language
Teaching Methodology              5655         3 credit hours
Sociolinguistics                        5656         3 credit hours
Grammar 5657 3 credit hours
Phonology                               5658         2+1= 3 credit hours
The Language Skills I               5659         3 credit hours
The Language Skills II              5660         3 credit hours
EFL in the Classroom I              5661        3 credit hours
EFL in the Classroom II             5662        3 credit hours
Workshop                                5663        full creditSemester: 1
1. Psycholinguistics -5655
2. Sociolinguistics -5656
3. Phonology -5658
4. Grammar -5657

Semester: 2
1. The Language Skills-I -5659
2. Workshop -5663
3. EFL in the Classroom-II -5662
4. The Language Skills-II -5660
5. EFL in the Classroom-I -5661



Workshop: At the end of the second semester, the students have to attend a compulsory workshop 5663 for 12 days. In the workshops, they are given intensive training in teaching grammar, pronunciation, language skills, vocabulary, etc and based on the training they have to prepare lesson plans and give presentations on them.First week of the workshop involves lectures on the course work done in the Diploma Programme.In the second week, students have to prepare three lesson plans and give presentations based on the same;these lesson plans and presentations carry marks.

Thesis: N/A

Practical: Students have to prepare lesson plans and present (demonstrate) them in the workshop.