VOL-VII | ISSUE-I | Spring 2014   Table of Contents
Table of Contents Spring 2014
Guest Editor's Note from- Professor Dr. Syed Abdul Siraj

Refereed Papers
1 Constraints in the Professionalization of Journalism in Pakistan: Ownership, Laws and Subjectivity
Bashir Memon
2 Mobile phone Need or Status Sybmol :(Exploring Usage & Liking of Mobile Connections and Packages by University Students)
Abdul Rehman Madni, Gohar Ali,Mudassar Abdullah and Sana Batool
3 The Psychosocial Impact on the Linguistic and Communicative Competence of Teachers at College level in District Mardan, Pakistan
Prof. Mir Alam Said
4 War on Terror: Interplay between Press (Daily the Nation & Daily Times of India) and Governments (Pakistan & India) Policies
Prof . Dr. Ghulam Shabbir, Ali Hassan, Abdul Rehman Madni and Nauman Ahmed
5 Express News Channel on Coverage of National Issues in Pakistan, (Measuring Correspondence between News Bulletins and Talk Shows)
Muhammad Riaz Raza (PhD Candidate) and Dr. Muhammad Aslam Pervaiz
6 Uses of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) by Public University Students of Bangladesh
Mahabubur Rahman
1 Emerging Trends in New & Digital Media
Rustam Singh




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