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Table of Contents Spring 2016

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Refereed Paper


Influence of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) on the Interpersonal Relationships of Youth: A Study Bangladesh Youth


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Students’ Impression AboutEducational Tablet

                            Omotayo Obielodan PhD and Olawale K. Tijani

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A Conceptual Analysis and Understanding of Press Freedom from Bangladesh Perspective

                            Aminul Islam and Mashihur Rahman

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Public Perception Regarding Militancy in FATA: A Case study of Khyber Agency

                            Dr. Sajjad Ahamad Paracha,Muhammad Saeed and Sajjad Ali

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Women Harassment at Workplace: A Study of Pakistani Television Channels

                            Anjum Zia, Sumera Batool and Zaeem Yasin

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Media Treatment of the Internally Displaced Persons from Swat

                            Dr. Shahid Hussain

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Antecedents of Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Media Organization

                            Wajid Zulqarnain and Dr. Taimur-ul- Hassan

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Dengue Campaign and the Youth Behavior: A Study of Fear Appeal Impacts

                            Salma Umber , Muhammad Juniad Ghouri, Khalid Sultan and Muahammad Shahzad Yousaf

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Role of Media in Highlighting Energy Crisis (A content Analysis of the editorial pages of Urdu and English Newspapers of Pakistan)

                            Babar Hussain Shah

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Impact of Internet on Social Capital Testing Putnam's Theory of Time Displacement in the Urban Pakistan

                            Professor Syed Abdul Siraj

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Book Review


Sultan-iIshq: Collection of Poetry Syed Muhammad bin Mubarak Al‘awi Kirmani Eds. MoeenNizami and Uzma Aziz Khan Lahore: Oriental College, Punjab University, 2008.

                             Reviewed by: Adeela Ghazanfar

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