VOL-VI | ISSUE-II | Spring 2013   Table of Contents
Table of Contents Fall 2013
Guest Editor's Note from- Prof. Dr. Seemi Naghmana Tahir

Refereed Papers
1 A Critical Analysis of Socio-Cultural Impact of New Media on Users in India
Prof. Dr. Usharani Narayana and Prof.Sukanya Malloli
2 Analysis of Social Taboos in Electronic Media Prime Time Dramas: Hum Television
Dr. Asghar Ali Shah and Muhammad Bilal Bhatti
3 Impact of Advertising on Consumers’ buying behavior through Persuasiveness, Brand Image, and Celebrity endorsement
Shumaila Ahmed and Ayesha Ashfaq
4 ‘The Misdeeds and Follies of Morally Bankrupt Elite’? Framing Rioting and Ethnic Violence in Karachi – A Case Study
Yaar Muhammad and Peter Brett
5 Representation of American Policy on War against Terror in Hollywood Movies
Shjia Gul
6 Effectiveness of Computer-supported Jigsaw ii Cooperative Learning Strategy on the Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Physics
Isiaka Amosa GAMBARI (Ph.D), Charles Olubode OLUMORIN (PhD) and Mudasiru Olalere YUSUF (Ph.D)




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