VOL-VIII | ISSUE-I | Spring 2015   Table of Contents
Table of Contents Spring 2015

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Refereed Paper


Promoting Tourism in West Africa through Newspaper Constructionism, Framing and Salience: A content analysis of Selected Newspapers in Nigeria

                            Godwin B. Okon

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Mainstreaming Women in News- Myth or Reality

                            Prof. Dr. Usha rani Narayana

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Effect of Audio Instructional Package on Basic Pupils’ Performance in English Pronunciation Skills in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

                            OGUNLADE, O. Olufunmilola PhD and AMOSA,                                  A. Alsea

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Facebook as a Tool for Promoting Global Social Relationships

                            Dr. Rabia Ali, Muhammad Abo ul Hassan Rashid and                             Malik Maliha Manzoor

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Coverage of India as Most Favored Nation (MFN) in editorial pages of Pakistani leading National dailies

                            Shah Nawaz

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Book Review


Mughal Sara’ey—A translation of 67 Mogul Miniatures

                             Raza Ali Hasan

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Reviewed By

                             Sheheryar Khan




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