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Prof. Dr. Ali Asghar Chishti



Today in the world in general and south Asia in particular, the most burning issue that has consumed a major chunk of the resources and attention of media is the ‘‘war on terror'' and its dire consequences. Thousands of scholars and writers have thoroughly discussed the topic and thousands of intellectuals have delivered lectures. No day passes when there are no seminars, lectures or conferences held to talk about the issue. Every now and then Papers are presented on the topic by scholars & experts in the relevant field. Also new organizations have propped up to play up the enormity of violence and terrorism.

In the near past terrorism gave rise to a number of incidents and wars in different parts of the world that has changed the whole scenario. Who has triggered all this? Nobody knows? Nobody is able to identify the real culprits. Who is behind the scenes? We have not yet reached any conclusion. We just beat about the bush. only time will uncover them.

It is not simply the need of the time, but it is the obligation of every individual to discuss and analyse terrorism and highlight its various dimensions.

It is morally obligatory for every individual of the community to devise and employ different means and resources, whatever he has at his disposal to combat violence and terrorism in any form or at any level.

Today whenever or wherever any act of terrorism is committed, is inadvertently linked and attributed to Muslims. On these false assumptions hundreds & thousands of Muslims are martyred and millions of children & women are rendered orphans and widows respectively. Arable and fertile lands are ruined and turned into debrie. The irony is that the religion that has always, preached and promoted peace & tolerance is branded today as the religion of terrorists and militants. The West fears Islam & muslims today and brand them as fundamentalist, militants & terrorists. Their print & electronic media highlight political violence, ethnic hatred and terrorism with reference to Islam & Islamic fundamentalism. Majority Muslim

Countries enjoy peace & security today. The Muslim Countries, where violence & terrorism have erupted have their root causes in the policies of the imperialist powers who had framed to protect their interests during their occupation of the Muslim lands. These are, in fact, political issues, that are to be settled politically. To attribute the activities of violence & terrorism to Islam & its teachings is great injustice. The prophet of Islam called the whole mankind as one family of God. Every member of the family enjoys respect & honour. His life, property & honour are inviolable. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in his last address declared:

‘‘O. Mankind! you are created from Adam & Adam is created from dust. Nobody is superior to other on the ground of being sons of Adam''.

The Prophet of Islam has laid down good morals, character and one's behaviour and dealing with one's fellowmen as the criteria of one's superiority to others. In the situation that prevails today, the present issue of ‘Ma'arif-e-Islami'' sends out its message to world at large.

‘‘We should put our heads together and join hands to find out the root causes and the factors that lead to violence & terrorism and try sincerely to address them''.

To every action there is a reaction. And it is common observation that reaction is always sever & bitter. So it is binding on intellectuals of the community to try to discover the factors that make the common man to tread the path of violence and terrorism. At the same time it is also obligatory for the ruling class, who run the affairs of the state to try remove the causes by exercising their powers.

In the end, I would like to express my thanks to the Editorial Staff of “M a'a rif-e- Islami ” . Who have cooperated in bringing out the present issue. I also thank all the scholars and researchers who have contributed to the journal.

Whatever good the reader will find in this issue is from Allah, whatever omissions and commission they may come across herein is ours alone.

Prof. Dr. Ali Asghar Chishti
“M a'a rif-e- Islami ”
3rd December 2014

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