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Introduction : The Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (F/O SS&H) was established in the year 1981 with five departments. Over the past years, it has remarkably flourished and it is now the largest Faculty of Allama Iqbal Open University and consists of fourteen departments. The departments of F/o SS&H are offering a vast range of undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programmes related to human behavior and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political contexts to the nationwide students. With a strong emphasis on quality, subjects offered reflect the Universityís International role and its commitment to Pakistan. With disciplines under Social Sciences and Humanities, theory and research is applied to real-life practices and the Faculty prides itself on offering a challenging intellectual climate that encourages students to widen their sense of what is humanly possible. Faculty has excellent teaching profile and many faculty members are actively engaged in world-class research. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has seven Research Journals. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has shown dynamism over the past five years in its various disciplines. The highly qualified academicians in the university are dedicated to individualize attention to students, helping them to develop the reflective judgment necessary to get success in a multifaceted and rapidly changing world. Furthermore, students are being afforded the opportunity to gain valuable insights into themselves and into the diverse people groups.
In recent years, according to Higher Education Commissionís policy of promoting and strengthening a research culture in higher education sector of the country, the faculty members are actively involved in research activities.
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