Instructions for End Term Assessment (ETA)

Dear students,

  • Students are hereby informed that they can use any easily available (low price) A4 size BROAD LINES/NARROW LINES assignment papers as answer sheets as per their convenience for ETA. Emphasis should be on quality of answers / contents, not on sheets.
  • It is further clarified tht while sending answer sheets through registered post/courier service , ask booking clerk to mention sender's particulars (students') too , at given space otherwise no subsequent claim shall be entertained. Keep original receipt with you which must be legible having proper date / stamp. Please ensure while booking.
  • Regarding use of ANSWER SHEETS for ETA , it is further clarified that there is no restriction of use of only A4 size papers. Students may write on ANY easily available loose sheets etc as per convenience. It should be pinned properly. However, use of pages with printed information (printed answer sheets for ETA), or pages having aiou watermark, logo,etc may NOT be used. Concentrate on studies / appropriate answers only. Write on both sides of sheet. Give page numbers., All in your own hand writing.
  • Please note that the Correct Course Title of Course Code 6414 is 'Teaching of General Science', however due to typing error, wrong title is printed on the ETA Question Paper of said corse. Course title "Teaching of Physics" may be read as "Teaching of General Science'.There is no change in the contents. All Questions are correct.
  • To avoid delay, send the assessments by registered post, on the address given at roll number slips, maximum by 18-7-2020, as there will be no extension in due date.
  • Do not rely on fake pages/u tube channels / unauthorised social media.Prepare answers honestly at your own and write accordingly. Cheating, copying, plagiarism, purchase of solved ETA would lead such students to failure /registration of UMC.
  • For any further information , visit aiou website or contact concerned regional office or Examination Department.

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