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Pakistani Food Composition Tables

Dr. Muhammad Azad

I was looking for a feasible way of continuing my studies. M.Sc in Community Health and Nutrition programme of AIOU provided the opportunity to learn about the things I was interested in.

The flexibility of programme was invaluable to me, enabling me to get a degree without disrupting my other commitments, while enjoying all the comforts of studying at home in my spare time.

The programme was not for faint-of-heart: it required dedication and disciplined work habits. Overall the experience was both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Having completed the degree is a record in its own right. But “I have been lucky enough to have been awarded a GOLD MEDAL for top in M.Sc Community Health and Nutrition”

After receiving the degree I started to apply the knowledge of nutrition in my clinical practice. Being an urologist, I am trying to focus more on the preventive side and by encouraging my patients to concentrate more on healthy eating habits in order to combat urological problems.

I am also associated with different teaching institutions like Alta Vista College, Burhan College and Beacon house in different capacities to carry out the research projects of Cambridge University, London. I am also being given an honor to supervise the research work of M.Sc Community Health and Nutrition at AIOU.

Dr. Muhammad Azad
Urology Department, CDA Hospital, Islamabad


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