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 Published date : 6/19/2020
 Heading: Instructions regarding End Term Assessment
Dear Students,

Hoping that you will be fine in this hard time of pandemic. Keeping in view these extraordinary situations and government directions, AIOU has decided to offer you examination in the form of end-term assessment (ETA). You are required to strictly follow the guidelines, which are:

1. Please read the instructions very carefully before attempting the end-term assessment. It is different from traditional paper-pencil tests or assignments.
2. Attempt all four questions. All questions carry equal marks (25 marks).
3. Your answers must be concise and relevant.
4. Only handwritten submissions will be accepted. Typed responses will not be entertained. The submissions written in different handwritings will not be entertained. Your handwriting will be matched with the previous papers.
5. You can use any open access educational resource to write your answer in addition to material provided by AIOU, but donít forget to refer the source. Also, give a reference list at the end of each question.
6. You are advised to send your solved ETA through registered / courier mail to your concerned destination. Please keep the registry / courier receipt with you for future Correspondence. By-hand submission will not be accepted.
7. Students of following programs shall post their solved ETA to concerned Regional Office: -
M.Com, M.A Islamiat, M.A Education/ M.Ed. (All), M.A Urdu, MBA, Diploma / M.A TEFL,M.A Pak studies, M.A History, MLIS, M.Sc. Mass Communication ,M.Sc. Economics, M.Sc. Sociology, B.Ed (New) All Programs , BS Islamiat, BS English, BS Urdu, BS Pakistan Studies, BS LIS.
8. Students of following programs shall post their solved ETA to Secrecy Branch, Block No.18, Exam Department AIOU Islamabad: -
M.A EPM, M.A Arabic, MBA Executive, MPA Exe, M.Sc. Forestry, M.Sc. Women Studies, M.Sc. Administrative studies, M.Sc. Agriculture Extension, M.Sc. Sustainable Design, M.Sc. Environmental Design, M.Sc. TV Production, M.Sc. Public Nutrition, M.Sc. Rural Development, BBA, BS Accounting and Finance, PGD Entrepreneurship, PGD HRM, PGD SCM, PGD Diet & Nutrition, PGD Environmental Design, PGD CS,PGD Population Design, PGD Criminology, PGD Early Childhood Education, PGD ELM, PGD EPM, BS Gender Studies, BS Mass Communication, BS Industrial Design, BS Arabic, MSc. Livestock Management, Diploma in Women Studies.
9. Attach 03 perts with the solved ETA (as you have done previously with your assignments). All the Perts shall be properly filled and signed by the student. Pert can be downloaded from AIOU website.
10. Send your all end-term assessment tests in one envelope to your concerned destination, i.e. if you have taken more than one course, send all your solved ETA in one envelope.
11. Use A4 size wider lining paper as answer sheet. On each page of the test, write your Roll number and put signatures. Staple sheets well along with 03 perts.
12. Your answer should not be copied from the book and / or any other source you use. You are encouraged to express your own ideas Ė going beyond providing simple concept and information.
13. Submission after the due date will not be entertained. Solved ETA must reach its destination by 20-07-2020.
14. Relevant rules, apply.

Controller of Examinations

Allama Iqbal Open University

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