Programme Details of B.S IN PHYSICS (4 YEARS)

Programme Name: B.S IN PHYSICS (4 YEARS)
Introduction: Realizing the need of technology and scientific education in Pakistan Department of Physics at AIOU began in 1998 with technological needs in areas like Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate, Energy for Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Environment, Astronomy, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Plasma Physics, Medical Physics, Cosmology, Geo Physics, Density Functional Theory (DFT), and Nuclear fields. A major emphasis of current research activities are on promotion in renewable energy and related areas in which the Department have led to innovations. The Department is presently running MSc, MPhil and PhD degree program with specialization in various disciplines. New fields of specialization and programme of studies are approved and be operational from the next academic year. Apart from capacity development, activities Department of Physics has been involved in several international, national and regional research projects. Physics Department has developed research linkage with other National and International Universities and research organizations of repute to ensure two-way flow of knowledge.
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Admission Requirement: FSc / I.Cs (Physics, Mathematics combination) with 45% marks or 2nd division. Less than 45% one semester (Foundation) extra. Admissions will be strictly on merit on number of seats available. Test and interview will be conducted in the Department for selection of students. Students passing the test will be called for interview.
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Selection Process:
Duration: 4 Years
Medium of Instruction: English
Teaching Methodology:
AIOU Credits Required:
Course Required: Semester: 1
1. Introduction to Computers -3400
2. Calculus -I -4432
3. Introduction to Sociology-4681
4. English Composition & Comprehension-5451
5. Mechanics-5452
6. Laboratory for mechanics & fluids -5453
7. Pak Studies -5465

Semester: 2
1. Calculus-II-4433
2. Technical & Business Writing-5454
3. Electricity & Magnetism-5455
4. Laboratory for Electricity & Magnetism-5456
5. Modern Physics-5457
6. Islamic Studies or -5466
7. Ethics (for non-Muslim students only) -5467
8. Laboratory Techniques and Error Propagation-754

Semester: 3
1. Linear Algebra-1560
2. Introductory Statistics-4434
3. Principle of Marketing-470
4. Communication Skills-5458
5. Waves & Oscillations-5459
6. Laboratory for Thermodynamics-5460

Semester: 4
1. Ordinary Differential Equations-1525
2. Probability Theory & Statistics-3447
3. Introduction to Environmental Sciences-4441
4. Heat & Thermodynamics-5461
5. Optics-5462
6. Laboratory for Optics & Spectroscopy-5463

Semester: 5
1. Atomic & Molecular Physics-2551
2. Electronics-2564
3. Mathematical Methods in Physics-1-751
4. Classical Mechanics & Relativity-752
5. Laboratory for General & Nuclear Physics-766

Semester: 6
1. Thermal & Statistical Physics -2566
2. Mathematical Methods in Physics-II-755
3. Quantum Mechanics-I-756
4. Laboratory for Electronics-762
5. Electromagnetic Theory I-765
6. Computational Physics-769

Semester: 7
1. Digital & Computer Hardware Electronics-2553
2. Laboratory for Digital & Computer Hardware Electronics-2556
3. Electromagnetic Theory II-2565
4. Lasers & Optics -758
5. Quantum Mechanics-II-759
6. Solid State Physics-I-761

Semester: 8
1. Electronic Communication System-2559
2. Advanced Digital & Computer Hardware Electronics-2560
3. Laboratory for Advanced Digital & Computer Hardware Electronics-2561
4. Research Techniques-5464
5. Nuclear Physics -760

Elective / Major Courses: 1. Plasma Physics-
2. Methods of Experimental Physics-
3. Environmental Physics-
4. Introduction to Quantum Computing-
5. Quantum Information Theory-
6. Quantum Field Theory-
7. Digital Electronics ( already in offering)-
8. Lasers ( already in offering)-
9. Laser Engineering-
10. Experimental Techniques in Particle and Nuclear Physics-
11. Electronic Materials and Devices-
12. Fluid Dynamics-
13. Introduction to Photonics-
14. Introduction to Materials Science-
15. Introduction to Nano - Science and Nanotechnologies-
16. Particle Physics-
17. Computer Simulations In Physics-
18. Surface Sciences-

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