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Spring 2017

Global media Journal (Pakistan Edition) is one of the 18 international editions of GMJ network and it is indexed with DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Communication and Mass Media Complete (EBSCO), Cite Factor (Academic Scientific Journals) and also under consideration for indexing in Thomson and Reuters which enlist their indexed journals in JCR. The journal has also been recognized by the Higher Education Pakistan (HEC). Besides its open access, GMJ is also available in hard bound. Call for papers is open round the year and the journal is published twice-yearly in Spring [May] and Fall [November]. Although, GMJ Pakistan Edition publishes scholarship in communication and media studies from critical and cultural perspectives nevertheless, articles from cross/multi-disciplines with major focus on Mass Communication are also welcomed for consideration. The journal accommodates empirical as well as qualitative research studies based on strong research methodologies. The journal focuses on the following major areas:

  • Political economy of mass media
  • Media and democracy
  • War and peace journalism
  • Media and audience studies
  • Media, ethnicity and race
  • Media and gender
  • Media and society
  • Media sociology
  • Media system and epistemology
  • Media sociology
  • International Communication

The Global Media Journal Pakistan Edition is an online, bi-annual, blind reviewed academic journal and encourages media scholars, media professionals, and graduate students to submit scholarly articles, critical essays, graduate research results, book reviews, and opinion pieces--related to global communication from throughout the world.

The Pakistan Edition accepts manuscripts for consideration throughout the year and publishes in both Spring [May] and Fall [December].

Submission Guidelines

For submission guidelines, please go to the "submission guidelines" link. Manuscripts should conform to the guidelines provided on the submission guidelines page. Please direct all inquires by email to Dr. Saqib Riaz, Chairman Mass Communication, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, at gmj@aiou.edu.pk.Pattern of paper format can be downloaded from http://www.aiou.edu.pk/sab/gmj/index.asp.

The Pakistan Edition is an online, bi-annual, blind reviewed academic journal and encourages media scholars, media professionals, and graduate students to submit scholarly articles, critical essays, graduate research results, book reviews, and opinion pieces--related to global communication from throughout the world.

All scholarly articles should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Articles and essays must be written according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, latest edition.
  • Articles should be original and should not have been published elsewhere. It is assumed that articles are not currently under review with other publishers.
  • Articles should include: (a) article title, (b) author name/s, (c) current position/affiliation, (d) brief biography, (e) email and mail addresses, (f) a brief abstract, and (g) the URL for author/s' personal web page, all in a separate page.
  • Submissions must be in camera-ready format and include tables, graphs, charts, etc. within the text.
  • Although there is no absolute limit on length, submitted papers should be confined to approximately 7000 words.
  • Authors are expected to carefully proofread their work before submission.
  • Articles that do not conform to the stated submission guideline will be returned to author/s for revisions..
  • Authors are responsible for obtaining any necessary permission from copyright holders for reproducing previously published material, including charts, graphs, photos, tables, etc.
  • Authors should consider including links to any references, web pages, or sites related to their work (this is a strong advantage of electronic publications).
  • Manuscripts must be submitted to the editor electronically via email in Microsoft Word to gmj@aiou.edu.pk ,
  • Scholarly articles will go through a blind peer review process while other submissions (invited papers and commentaries) will be reviewed by the editor.

Invited articles may vary in length but should follow the above guideline. Authors are highly encouraged to include related and useful web links in their work. This would certainly allow the Journal to maximize its potential by offering authors, readers, researchers, students, and professionals' immediate access to a wide range of existing electronic resources and web sites!

Bibliography instructions


Book with one author

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Book with two authors

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University of Chicago Press.

Chapter or other part of a book

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Book, in other language than English, German, French or Spanish

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mechanisms in Greece (1830-1922) . Athina: Themelio. [In Greek].

Journal article

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broadcasters.' European Journal of Communication 17(2): 227-235.

Article in an electronic-only journal. Access date is included parenthetically at the end of the citation.

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Popular magazine article

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Theses and dissertations (no italics).

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Paper presented at a meeting or conference (no italics)

Doyle, B. (2002). 'Howling like dogs. Metaphorical language in Psalm 59.' Paper presented at the annual international meeting for the Society of Biblical Literature, June 19–22, in Berlin, Germany.

Publication by institute, globally known by its acronym, author is publisher. In-text citation

(OECD 1997).

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Publication by institute, only short or main name is used. Author is publisher. In-text citations

(ABN AMRO 1998; European Commission 1999).

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