Archives Research Conferences

Archives Research Conferences
  2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Chemistry (24th-25th,Nov 2016)
  International Seerah Conference 2016 (8th-9th,Dec 2016)
  Development of National Policy for Open and Distance Learning (26th-27th,Dec 2016)
  2nd International Social Sciences Conference (28-29,Dec 2016)
  1st National Conference on Business Dynamics (20,Feb 2017)
  2nd International Conference on Research and Practices in Education (24-25,Feb 2017)
  4th National Conference on Physics & Emerging Sciences (2-3,Mar 2017)
  National Graduate Conference 2017 (15-16,Mar 2017)
  National Conference on Early Childhood Development in Pakistan (27-28,Mar 2017)
  Two days National Conference on Pakistani Langauges and Literature 2017 (28-29,April 2017)
   First National Gender Studies Conference (9th-10th,Aug 2017)
   International Urdu Conference 2017 (18-19,Aug 2017)
   National Conference on Contemporary Trends in English Language and Literature(13-14,October 2017)
   3rd International Conference on Recent Trends in Chemistry (23-24,November 2017)
   Media in Post Modern Times: Challanges & Prospects (22-23,December 2017)
   First International Conference on Nano-Material, Modeling and Simulation ICNMMS 2018 (12-14,February 2018)
   3rd International Conference on Research and Practices in Education (16-17,February 2018)
   Pakistani Languages: Colonial Literature 2 Days international conference (16-17,March 2018)
   1st International Conference on Health & Environment (21-22,March 2018)
   2nd National Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (02-03,May 2018)
   Social Media Conference (12,May 2018)
   2nd National Graduate Conference (28-29,August 2018)
   Third International Seerah Conference Fiqh al-Seerah: Core Themes and Contemporary Applications
(04-05,October 2018)
   4th International Conference on "RECENT TRENDS IN CHEMISTRY" to be held on (07-08, November 2018)
   4th International Conference On Research And Practices In Education to be held on (19-20 February, 2019)
   International Conference on Collective Action for Knownledge Economy with Technology (CAKE-TECH)(25-26 February, 2019)
   Two-day International Conference on Ilm al-Qiraat: Historical Discourses and Contemporary Researches (28th Feb- 1st March, 2019)
   Two Days Iqbal International Conference on Iqbal's Intellectual and Artistic University to be held on
(24-25 April, 2019)
   20th International Pure Mathematics Conference 2019 (20th IPMC 2019) to be held on (23-25, August 2019)

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