List of Achievements

  1. Third Party Evaluation
  2. Research and Development (R & D) Survey 2012-13
  3. Accreditation of Programmes from the Relevant Councils
  4. Trainings/Workshops/ Seminars
  5. Assisting the Scholars in International Scholarships
  6. Faculty Development Programmes (MS/PHD Foreign)
  7. In-Service professional development programmes
  8. Membership of Association / Networks
  9. Quarterly Progress Reports
  10. Research Paper Evaluation (Travel Grant) – in process

In Service Professional Development Programmes

As the need of In-service professional development is the base to achieve quality environment hence, Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) is highly focused on the exploration of opportunities that can enable the AIOU employees to become efficient and effective in their respective domains. A list of in-service computer based and developmental programs is given below: • Workshop for M.PHIL Education Course 3705 • MS (CS) Synopsis Orientation Workshops • Workshop on “Time Management” arranged and organized by Directorate of Quality Enhancement • PGD (CS) orientation workshop in JUNE 2013 • Visualization of Geographical Information on Mobile Devices • Traffic Shaping & Tackling Transfer Rate in VoIP ? • Analysis of Priority based Congestion Control Scheme for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network