What is the role of the Assessment Team (AT)?

The Assessment Team (AT) visits departments to assess and evaluate academic programs in accordance with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission. It is formed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the QEC and is required to: - Evaluate the Self Assessment Report prepared by the PT (Rubric Evaluation). - Conduct an assessment, submit a report and present its findings in an exit meeting of Head QEC, Dean, HoD, PT and faculty members.

What is the role of the Program Team (PT)?

The Program Team (PT) collects and records information/data related to an on-going program in a department, as per the requirements of the Self Assessment Manual, and prepares the Self Assessment Report. It has to get various proformae filled to complete the report. The Program Team is formed by the HoD and comprises two or three faculty members from within the department. The responsibilities of a Program Team (PT) include: -Compiling the report by responding to each criteria/ standards given in the SA manual and integrating the collected information / feedback. -Collecting relevant data on faculty, students, libraries, laboratories and infrastructure. Getting SA Performae filled by faculty, students, alumni and employers. -Writing summaries of feedback received through Performae. -Analyzing the feedback and drawing conclusions. -Writing a foreword giving brief history of the program, particulars of the PT, date of starting / finalizing report writing. -The report may be signed by the convener / chairperson of the program team

What is Accreditation?

A formal process by which a recognized body, assesses and recognizes that an organization meets applicable, pre-determined standards. Specifically colleges and universities are granted approval through this process indicating that the institution has met certain requirements.