Keeping in view the nature of tasks and the preset requirements of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) consists of four sections, namely;

  1. Programmes Assessment
  2. Academic Monitoring
  3. International Collaborations
  4. Human Resource

Each section will be headed by a Deputy Director who will report to the Director and the area of responsibility will be distributed in such a way that the students, stakeholders and AIOU employees can get best facilities. At present, the structuring of DQE is in process and it is hoped that in next few months, DQE would be fully established to expand its role in the functioning of AIOU.

A brief on the functions that will be assigned to above mentioned sections is given below.

Programmes Assessment:

  • It will work with the accreditation bodies to facilitate the evaluation process in consultation with the concerned departments.
  • It will do the programme assessments at every level.
  • It will do the alumni assessment.

Academic Monitoring in Regions:

  • Monitoring the performance of regional offices by conducting surveys.
  • To maintain continuous online interaction between the Main Campus and the Regional Directors so that prompt actions can be taken for urgent issues that may exist.

Human Resource:

  • To conduct the training programs for the AIOU employees frequently and in relevance to their job requirements.
  • To propose suggestions for the recruitment of the new employees.
  • To strive to take actions to motivate AIOU employees by creating bonuses for those who show excellence in their respective departments.
  • To look into the promotions of the employees.

International Collaborations:

  • To look in to the possibilities of availing the international quality enhancing services.
  • To improve AIOU ranking related to educational programmes, facilities and infrastructure in home and abroad education sectors.
  • To continuously focus on the development of opportunities to boost the image of AIOU at global level.