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The BS Islamic Studies program is a four-year program that will replace MA Islamic Studies as per the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission. This is a program specifically designed for the future needs and requirements of global Islamic community. It is also intended to up skill the students who have a passion for the teachings of Islam.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. HSSC/Intermediate/Equivalence with at least second division/C Grade with 45% marks.

  2. Matric with Khassah certificate from HEC Recognized Madaris/Boards with the compulsory condition that they will pass three Basic Courses as per requirement of IBCC, before completion of BS Program.

  3. BA/BSc pass candidate can join BS program in 5th semester subject to the condition that he/she has passed all compulsory and foundation courses given in 1st four semester of BS Islamic Studies Program.

Selection Process

Open Merit Program


Minimum 4 Years

Medium of Instruction


Teaching Methodology

Distance learning program

AIOU Credits Required

126 Cr.Hs
  1. Arabic Grammar-1919
  2. Basic of Information & Communication Technology-5403
  3. Urdu-9001
  4. Islamic Studies-9401
  5. Pakistan Studies-9402
  6. English-I (Communication Skills)-9407
  1. Seerat-e-Tayyibah-3900
  2. Mass Communication-9252
  3. English-II (Academic Reading & Writing)-9408
  4. (Understanding Math & Stats)-9417
  5. Sociology-9432
  1. Introduction to Quran-1951
  2. Quranic Arabic-1952
  3. Introduction to Hadith-2900
  4. Introduction to Fiqh-2951
  5. Economics-9335
  6. English-III (Technical Report Writing Today)-9409
  1. Objectives of Shari'ah-1901
  2. Study of Selected Aayaat & Ahadith related to Ahkam-2952
  3. Modern Muslim World-9138
  4. Iqbaliat-9437
  5. Education-9443
  1. Study of World Religions-1902
  2. Islamic History-I-1903
  3. Ethics of Disagreement in Islam-1904
  4. Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence-2953
  5. International Law of Islam-2954
  6. Contemporary Fiqhi Issues-2955
  1. Arabic Literature-1905
  2. History of Islamic Disciplines-1906
  3. Islamic Political System-1907
  4. Any Two Courses Selected from the list of Elective Courses
  1. Islamic Movements in Contemporary Era-1908
  2. Social System of Islam-1909
  3. Islamic Ethics and Tassawuf-1910
  4. Any Two Courses Selected from the list of Elective Courses
  1. Al-Dawah wal Irshad-1911
  2. Islamic & Western Civilization and thought in Historic Perspective-1912
  3. Economic System of Islam-1913
  4. Any Two Course Select from the list of Elective Courses


  1. Al-Dawah wal Irshad-1911
  2. Economic System of Islam-1913
  3. Research Methodology-1922
  4. Research Project-1914

Elective / Major Courses:

  1. Interfaith Harmony: Guiding Principles-4951
  2. Islamic Institutions-1916
  3. Islamic History-II-1917
  4. Study of Islamic Texts-1918
  5. Islam and Science-1920
  6. Philosophy & Ilm-ul-Kalam-1921
  7. Research Methodology-1922





  1. Three days’ workshop of fifteen hours with 75% compulsory attendance.
  2. Four days workshop for Research Project




If chose the research project in 8th semester, than Viva Voce is compulsory


The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.