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The BS Urdu program is a four-year program that will replace BA and MA Urdu as per the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission.

1. To teach Urdu language and literature to the students according to the requirements of distance education system.
2. To introduce Urdu language and literature to other social sciences.
3. To impart proficiency equivalent to sixteen years of education in Urdu language and literature, on the basis of which students can play their role in practical life and can also obtain higher education on the basis of this degree.

The duration of this course is four years, in which according to the instructions of the Higher Education Commission, in view of the all-round educational requirements of the students, nine compulsory, eight general (Foundation), thirteen specialized Major (four specialized optional) (Elective within the Major papers are included.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Minimum educational qualification Intermediate second division (45%)
2. Candidates are requested to attach their recent photograph, attested copies of educational certificates and marks sheet of intermediate with the admission form.
3. Eligible candidates should submit the form along with fee as per the procedure given in the prospectus.

Teaching Methodology

The language of instruction will be Urdu and English.

This program will be offered through distance learning (Distance Learning Mode) across the country. Tutorial meetings and workshops will be an integral part of teaching. For each course there will be four days of tutorial classes and three days of four hours daily workshop. 70% attendance in workshops is compulsory.

(Note): Apart from the three papers of English, if the Urdu version of the courses of other departments is available, it will be preferred.

Pre-Calculus (4431)

Sociology (5415)

Pakistan Studies (5438)

English-I (9407)

Economics (9335)

Urdu Language: Formation and Evolution (9002)

Islamiyat (5436) OR Ethics (For Non-Muslims) (5437)

Introduction to Statistics (4485)

Islamic History-I (1903)

English-II (9408)

Education (9443)

Poetical Genres: Introduction and Comprehension-I (9003)

English-III (9409)

Basic of ICT (5403)

Persian Language and Literature (9004)

Anthropology (9441)

Poetical Genres: Introduction and Comprehension-II (9005)

Office Automation (9442)

Literature of Pakistani Languages (9006)

Introduction to Environment (5443)

Prosaic Genres: Introduction and Comprehension-I (9007)

Writing and Composition (Practical Training) (9008)

Prosaic Genres: Introduction and Comprehension-II (9009)

Urdu Language: Grammar and Orthography (9010)

Urdu Dastaan and Novel: Thematic and formalistic Debates-I (9011)

Urdu Dastaan and Novel: Thematic and formalistic Debates-II (9012)

History of Urdu Literature and Literary Movements (9013)

Rhetoric and Prosody (9014)

Literary Terms (9015)

Urdu Short Story and Drama (9016)

Revolution of Urdu Novel: 20th Century of Present (9017)

Urdu Poem: Thematic and Formalistic Study (9018)

Styles in Urdu Prose (9019)

Linguistics (9020)

Principles of Research and Editing (9021)

World Classics (9023)

Art of Lexicography and tradition of Lexicography in Urdu (9024)

Creative and Philosophical Dimensions of Ghalib (9025)

Contemporary Poetic Literature (9026)

Research Work (9033) or Specific Study of Meer (9022)

Specific Study of Allama Iqbal (9027)

Urdu Criticism (9028)

Literature of Journalism (9029)

Prominent Institution of Urdu Development (9030)

Philosophical Dimensions of Sir Syed (9031)

Contemporary Prosaic Literature (9032)

Research Work (9033) or Pakistani Adab-I (9403)









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