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HEC Policy on PASH

HEC Policy on Protection Against Sexual, Harassment in Higher Education Institutions 2020

Focal Persons to offer support and immediate assistance to those who have experienced sexual harassment:

Sr. No. Name Designation Department Contact No.
1. Mrs Bibi Yasmin Additinal Registrar-E 

Registrar Department


2. Rana Sharafat Ali Assistant Registrar (General)

Registrar Department



Inquiry Committee to investigate and adjudicate any allegations of sexual harassment:

Sr. No. Name Designation Department
1. Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Sahir Dean

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

2. Dr Malik Tauqir Ahmad Khan Director General Regional Services

Directorate of Regional Services

3. Dr Tahira Bibi Assistant Professor

Department of DNF&CE


Appellate Body to consider the appeals against the decision of the inquiry Committee:

Sr. No. Name Designation Department
1. Prof Dr Shah Mohiyuddin Hashmi Dean

Faculty of Arabic & Islamic Studies

2. Dr Sofia Khalid Associate Professor/Chairperson

Department of Environmental Scieces

3. Dr Naveeda Sultana Assiciate Professor/Chairperson

Department of Secondary Teacher Education





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