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The admissions are open for the spring and autumn semester every year. Currently, specialization is being offered in the field of Renewable Energy, Nanomaterials, Computational material science and condensed matter Physics. Later on, specialization in other branches of chemistry will be offered. At present this program is being offered in Islamabad region only in face-to-face mode. Later on it will be offered in the entire country, wherever the appropriate tutorial and research laboratories will be available.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum entry requirements for admission to MS/MPhil is MSc Physics or equivalent program shall be minimum of 16 years of schooling or 4 years of education in the relevant subject after higher secondary school certificate with at least second division or equivalent CGPA/ GPA (124 credit hours from HEC recognized institution).

Selection Process

Departmental test (subject based mcqs + short questions + analytical ability) and interview


Maximum 5 Years

Medium of Instruction


Teaching Methodology

Face to face

AIOU Credits Required

36 Credit Hours
  1. Mathematical Physics-1701
  2. Electrodynamics-1703
  3. Solid State Physics-1722
  4. Research Methodology-7791

Four courses will be offered depending on the needs and availability of the experts.

  1. Advanced Quantum Mechanics-1702
  2. Computational Physics-1704
  3. Atomic & Molecular Physics-1705
  4. Laser Physics-1710
  5. Quantum Optics-1711
  6. Plasma Physics-1712
  7. Nuclear Physics-1716
  8. 8 Experimental Techniques-1718
  9. Semiconductor Physics-1720
  10. Quantum Field Theory-1721
  11. Crystallography-1724
  12. Physics Of Glasses-1726
  13. Physics Of Metals & Alloy-1728
  14. Non-Crystalline Materials-1729
  15. Renewable Energy Resources-1730
  16. Environmental Physics-7792
  17. Antenna Theory-7793
  18. E.M. Field Analysis-7794
  19. Microelectronics-7795
  20. High Frequency Electrodynamics-7796
  21. Quantum Information Theory-7797
  22. Electron Microscopy-7798
  23. Climatology-8771
  24. First-Principles Computation-8772
  25. Theory And Practice Of Dft Calculations-8773
  26. Introduction To Nanoscience And Nanotechnology-8774
  27. Physics Of Solar Cells-1727













NCP, UOB, PU, PIAES, NILOP, FU, QU, GCU, GCW, BUITIMS, BKWU, BUZ, IUB, PU, UM, ICHT and all R & D Organizations.


The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.