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Seerat un Nabi (ﷺ) Chair

The Allama Iqbal Open University has established a center of Excellence and Chairs for Seerat-Un-Nabi ﷺ, Iqbal Chair on Tasawwuf and Muslim thoughts, and Created Archives of Intelligentsia of Pakistan (Dialogue with History-Series of Interviews).


The aim is to establish a centre where excellence shall be imparted instead of offering conventional degree programmes. This would be an excellence-based knowledge hub primarily to carry out research on Seerat-un-Nabi ﷺ, unveil the hidden implications of iqbal’s insight of Tasawwuf and Muslim Thoughts and establish the archives of intelligentsia of Pakistan based on the series of interviews of living legends by employing the varsities’ spread, outreach, regional presence, and network.


SrNo. Books Download
1. Aap kay mqasad e Baisat (Download)
2. Assar e Seerat (Download)
3. Lecture Zahid ur Rashidi on Women (Download)
4. Aadab e Moaashrat Ahadith e Nabvi SAW ki Roshni main (Download)
5. Takreem e Insan Taleemate Navbi SAW ki Roshni main (Download)
6. Prof. Dr. Yaseen Mazhar Siddiqi Ki Seerat Nigari Ki Jihat (Download)
7. Insano ki Dini Fitrat (Download)





The objectives of the Chair are as follows:

  • to the creation, transference & dissemination of knowledge in the field of Seerat Studies, specifically providing examples from the life of Prophet through media, correspondence courses, trainings, workshops, and conferences.
  • to form research groups, identify areas of research and work as a think tank to provide an Islamic response to the intellectual challenges being faced by Pakistani society in the light of Seerat-un-Nabi ().
  • to extend cooperation, understanding and professional linkages among the institutions working for promotion & implementation of social justice & welfare in the society.
  • to undertake interdisciplinary research with involvement of other relevant departments in the University for creating understanding & bridging between different segments of the society.
  • to raise the analytical level of discourse in the Muslim scholarly community, and to work for a consensus on issues the Muslim Ummah in concerned with, in the light of Uswa-e-Hasanah.
  • to offer advice and guidance to policy making institutions & legislative bodies for the exploration & implementation of social justice at the institutional & national level, with the help of findings & recommendations of academic work accomplished by the Centre.

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The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.